AQA A Level Economics - Schools License
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AQA A Level Economics - Schools License

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Economics for A Level – AQA

Schools license

Specially written study guide for the AQA Economics specification. Topic order follows the AQA (2019) Specification.

Section 1 -  Microeconomics - Individuals, firms, markets and market failure; economics as a social science, the economic problem, opportunity cost, individual decision making, behavioural economics, price determination, elasticity; production, costs and revenue; technological change, government intervention. Business objectives, market structures: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly, monopsony, price discrimination, contestability, labour markets including monopsony and role of trade unions.

Section 2 - Macroeconomic - The national and international economy; national income, the circular flow, aggregate demand and supply, equilibrium, inflation and deflation, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy, supply-side policy, policy conflicts. Globalisation, trade, protectionism, balance of payments, exchange rates, economic development, global problems. The financial sector, financial market failures and financial regulation.

452pp, format PDF.

SCHOOLS EDITION - By downloading this eBook you accept that the Schools License allows up to 25 students to access the material supplied.