AQA Economics A Level
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AQA Economics A Level

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Economics for A Level – AQA

Specially written study guide for the AQA Economics specification. Topic order follows the AQA 2019 Specification.

Section 1 -  Microeconomics - Individuals, firms, markets and market failure; economics as a social science, the economic problem, opportunity cost, individual decision making, behavioural economics, price determination, elasticity; production, costs and revenue; technological change, government intervention. Business objectives, market structures: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, game theory, monopoly, monopsony, price discrimination, contestability, labour markets including monopsony and role of trade unions. Markets failures.

Section 2 - Macroeconomic - The national and international economy; national income, the circular flow, aggregate demand and supply, equilibrium, inflation and deflation, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy, supply-side policy, policy conflicts, including the Phillips curve. Globalisation, trade, protectionism, balance of payments, exchange rates, economic development, global problems. The financial sector, financial crisis and financial regulation.

452pp, format PDF.